Pastor’s Recent Trip to the Northwest

Church Development

Pastor Etienne was able to go to the Northwest for 9 days spending time teaching Pastors and leaders in the villages we minister in. In Ti Riviere, the size of the congregation is increasing making it necessary to add on a temporary tent-like covering at the front of the church where the people can worship. They build this tent by digging holes in the ground where they can put poles strong enough to hold the sheets that cover the top. Isn’t that an amazing testimony to how the Lord works even in these difficult times!


Pastor saw this blooming tree on our campus on his recent trip to the Northwest. It is a sign of life, a foretelling perhaps. God is ever present and He has not forgotten Haiti.

Goat Farm

We have goats on the goat farm! They are reproducing and giving the Haitian people a chance for self-sufficiency!

Salt Harvesting

The salt mines are producing and it has been stored in the salt houses until it can go to market safely to be sold. Another self-sufficiency project helping the people.

Food for the Students

The large trucks were able to make it safely to the campus with the food from Feed My Starving Children for the students in the schools. Representatives from the schools came to the campus to pick up the food, some folks came in trucks, and some came on motorcycles. While Pastor Etienne was there ministering, he oversaw the food being picked up by the people. What a blessing!

Prayer Request

We ask for your prayers for Pastor Etienne’s safety as he travels as well as for his wife as she faces continued health concerns. Also, please keep in your prayers all our pastors and teachers in the Northwest who continue to serve in their country’s difficult times.