School Lunch Program

God has blessed this program. The children are healthy. Their level of learning at school is increasing. The parents have enough food at home to give them the strength to perform the manual labor it takes to earn a living.

Help Us Provide Hope

Your Generous Gift

It only costs $.50 per meal to feed the children. Your generous monthly gift will bring HOPE to the Hopeless. Such a small amount of money can rescue a child from starvation and will give a child a chance to live a healthy, productive life. We have ministry partners that match your donation by 75% which means your $.50 per day will be put to good use.

Make A Difference

We all know that children are starving all over the world including those in our own backyard. Knowing this can make it seem that no matter what we do, it will never be enough. We tell ourselves that I am only one person whose small donation cannot begin to make a difference. At Living Water Ministries that statement just is NOT TRUE!

Why We Do This?

In the remote villages of NW Haiti, families typically eat one meal per day. The amount of food they have is not enough for everyone in the family to satisfy their hunger. By feeding the students at school, the family has more food at home for the adults to eat. The parents explain that they want to be able to work to earn money to take care of the necessities for their family, but it is difficult to work when they are hungry.

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