To Our Faithful Supporters:
As we close out our fiscal year, I am pleased to report that Living Water Ministries has had another outstanding year in bringing HOPE to the people of Northwest Haiti. We are continually meeting their needs for today, equipping them for tomorrow, and empowering them for the future. Our Pastors in the churches and our teachers in the Christian schools are being trained and equipped to reach out to the residents in the villages to teach them about our God who provides hope, peace, and joy.
The food program is providing a vitamin-enriched, hunger-satisfying meal every school day to 4,300 students in 29 Christian schools. A fully modern secondary school that will significantly raise the level of education for the students is nearing completion. This year the food program included the addition of meals for 200 elderly people, ages 75 and older, in five communities.
We have successfully hand dug, mechanically drilled, and piped water to villages where people were walking long distances to find life-sustaining water. Medical assistance has been expanded to meet the most critical needs. We have made progress in developing the needed infrastructure for future marketing and job opportunities. It is our goal to provide a way for the local residents to develop resources to sustain a reasonable lifestyle.
LWM has significantly improved the 600+ acre complex to become a resource center for the local villages. During the hurricanes and flash flood, the people in the villages were able to receive food, care, clothing, shelter and temporary housing through the use of the many LWM facilities.
It is my prayer that Living Water Ministries of the Palm Beaches, with the help of many faithful supporters, will continue to meet the needs of today while equipping the people for tomorrow and giving them HOPE for the future.
Fred Chalker