Hello! On behalf of Living Water Ministries, let me welcome you to our blog.

We will be using our blog, in conjunction with other digital tools, to:

  • Introduce our selves and explain what we do
  • Explain what our goals are
  • Provide an easy location for people involved to direct others that might be interested in LWM
  • Explain how we are helping the people Northwest Haiti
  • Provide information about that region and Haiti in general
  • Information about trips to Haiti
  • Provide information about our needs
  • Provide information on how everyone can help

How to stay connected:

  • Regularly visit this blog by bookmarking the page in your browser
  • Like our page on Facebook where we will announce a new blog post
  • Sign up for our newsletter on the home page

We look forward to this new phase of getting the word out, to help the people of Northwest Haiti, in the name of and for the glory of Jesus Christ! Please join us in prayer for this effort.

Thank you!