Living Water Ministries is preparing to launch its first boat for use by mission teams, for the delivery of supplies, and for medical emergencies. Because the LW Campus is located at Ti-Lagon on the coast with a sandy beach, it only makes sense to use the water for safe, efficient, and comfortable travel.

FACT: Travel in Haiti presents many challenges not only for the vehicles but also for the travelers.

LW vehicles require constant mechanical attention and replacement of parts including tires. Even though the 2 hour drive on National Highway #1 between Port au Prince and Gonavies is paved (about 90 miles), the roads from Gonaives to the LW Campus at Ti-Lagon (about 40 miles), are merely beaten down, dirt paths limiting travel to about 10-15 miles per hour. This 130 mile trip can take 6 to 8 hours.

Have you ever gone on a mission trip or thought about going on a mission trip to Northwest Haiti with Living Water Ministries? If you have, the travel between Port au Prince and the villages in the Northwest may be the factor that keeps you from experiencing the awesome privilege of spreading the love of God. If I tell you that you could travel by boat and bypass the rough roads in the back of a dump truck, would you sign up for the next trip?

FACT: Travel by Boat saves time and miles.

Take a look at some comparisons between road travel and water travel:

Point-to-Point                                   by Road                                    by Water

Port au Prince to Ti-Lagon             130 miles/ 6-7 hours      90 miles/3-5 hours

Gonaives to Ti-Lagon                        41 miles/3-5 hours         32 miles/1-2 hours

Anse Rouge to Ti-Lagon                                     10 miles/ 1 hour                5 miles/ 15 minutes

FACT: Adding Water Travel brings safety and a means of emergency assistance.

As in any location, there is the concern of safety for people and supplies when traveling the open roads. The lack of roadways delay the ability to reach medical assistance as quickly as some medical situations require. The calm waters that line the eastern coast of Haiti make it possible to utilize a shallow water landing craft such as a pontoon boat. This brings better security to supplies and quick, smooth transportation for those in need of emergency attention.

FACT: An approach that will improve the lives of the people in the northwest region of Haiti.

The versatility of the boat will make it possible to eliminate transporting tons of supplies over rough roads and will enable the local fishing industry to reach out into deeper water where there are larger fish.


FACT: Donations of any amount can make it possible to acquire a boat.

Do you have a boat or motor you would like to donate to Living Water Ministries? We will accept those donations to convert them into valuable dollars that will make it possible to purchase a boat. Or maybe you would like to make a financial donation specifically for this project. If you have traveled to Northwest Haiti on a mission trip, you truly understand the value a boat will bring to this ministry. For more information, you can send an email to:

FACT: Donations can be made at: or by mailing a check to: LWM, PO Box 511261, Punta Gorda, FL 33951.